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Our Leadership
  • President:
    • Provides leadership and vision
      for the coop
    • Works with board members to
      provide community among
      students and parents
    • Enthusiastic about group!
  • Vice President:
    • Assists President as needed
    • Liason to hired tutors
    • Events point person
    • Engaging with others!
  • Treasurer:
    • Maintains financials of group
    • Collects fees
    • Disperses appropriated monies
    • Responsible and detailed!
  • Secretary:
    Records minutes of various
    Assists board with various duties
    Helpful and insightful!
  • Membership Coordinator:
    Main contact for new membership
    Organizes new membership
    Welcoming and inviting!

How to Find Us

 FICHE Kids!


FICHE Kids! Where are FICHE homeschool
classes located?

FICHE co-op classes meet in Northwestern
Minneapolis at Maple Grove Covenant Church,
located at 9350 Upland Lane North,
Maple Grove, MN 55369-4467.

From Maple Grove:
Take County Road 30 (93rd Avenue North) toward I-94. Coming from the east, turn right into the church parking lot before you get to the highway. Coming from the west, Coming from the east, turn left into the church parking lot before you get to the highway.
From the North or South:
Take I-94 to exit 213 for Maple Grove Parkway toward CR 30. Turn right at Maple Grove Parkway. Take the first right on Upland Lane North. Turn left.

When do FICHE homeschool co-op classes meet?
FICHE classes meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month. The first semester takes place from September through December; the second semester meets from February through April, taking breaks to observe the holidays. Class time is from 12:30-3:30pm.

Can I just sign up for a "Field-Trip Only" Membership?
Full-time membership status is required for the first year for FICHE families to attend our homeschool field trip program. Returning FICHE members may apply for "Field Trip Only" status on a year-to-year basis, to be approved by the Board.


Can I attend when I feel like it?
Co-op class participation and the three yearly business meetings are required. Events and field trips are optional. FICHE counts on families participation to help things run smoothly and build relationships.

How much does FICHE supplemental homeschool education cost?
Costs are subject to change based on the classes offered.

  • Full time members pay a membership fee of $45 at the beginning of the
    school year, along with class costs.
  • Field-Trip Members fee is $25.
  • The building fee is approximately $30 per student each year, also collected
    in the fall.
  • Insurance fees ($9/ family member) are collected in November.
  • Spring class fees are collected in January.

FICHE members may participate in fundraising such as Boxtops for Education and Food Perspectives, etc to reduce class costs as much as possible.

Can I just drop off my students or am I needed at FICHE coop?
FICHE does not provide a student drop-off option. Parent attendance and participation is required during co-op class times.

Are the staff and instructors any fun? FICHE Kids!
Uh... yeah.